Elephant Gun by Beirut

It’s funny because I can remember the conversation I had with Karl about this song and how I was in love with the song and in love with him and how he would visit me at work every time he passed the office and the day he told me he saw the video and thought it was weird. All of those memories came flooding back when I saw the video again, but every time I just hear the song play THESE are the memories that flood my dreamy little head:

Nights with Aziz making out all night, spring air, bicycle rides, the gyro & kebab house with Adam Shea & his dad eating under the Middle Eastern drapes, candles lit, feet crossed under the pillows we relax into on the floor, conversations about Greece, the end coming near for the school year, a soft and subtle refreshness to the air, the computer lab in my dorm, the freedom I felt gliding down those hills and around those lakes & rivers, shutting everyone out from the craziness of the Mike & Beege affair, the smell of the hookah staining my purple velour striped sweater, climbing the football post at dawn, the bench by the lake, making out in the rain and the walk home.


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