Splitting the Atom by Massive Attack

Today I was searching for new music to put on my phone before I went to workout. So I went to my playlists for inspiration. I found the one I made for my Brazilian bestie that was full of beautiful suggestions. This song matched the mood of the weather today.

It brings me back into only one particular memory: Building Unity weekend, a fat blunt with Mike Wilson, a hotel room on state street, the song so good we laid it on repeat, 3 hours later still playing, ashing the blunt out the top window, intellectual conversation, everyone returning home to find us stoned, failed attempts to steal a fishbowl from a local bar, Dakota bringing me back home, the miraculous beautiful drive entering the city, the city lights syncing up to the beat of the music on the stereo and the elongation effect it had on time.

It’s funny because I don’t remember anything from the conference 😄


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