My Moon, My Man by Feist (Boys Noize Remix)

One can’t even imagine the amount of adrenaline and hyped up sexual energy that surges my entire body as soon as I hear the footsteps running at the beginning of this track!

I had to put this song on as soon as I mentioned it in my last post and immediately I was transported back to that Sunday night in October six years ago: permanent marker lines on our wrists to count the number of jagerbombs ingested, an entire party pack of Smirnoff down the hole, 3 CDs chopped, screwed and remixed originals and newbies of all the just pressed underground electrowave dance hits,

“My moon, my man…”

jumping in a bush behind the garage to hide from the cops, desperate attempts to be saved, “Libby, I’m that last person you should call when you’re running from the cops!”, magic carpet ride to ye ole party homestead, we lock eyes.

“Take it slow, take it easy on me…”

The door closes, “put the song on repeat”, breasts billowing out, nights of passion stay in fashion, a nibbler,

“Shed some light, shed some light on me please…”

Texts from unaware folk, “are you in jail?”, a stolen sweater, walking in the middle of the street at 3AM, Aries brigade street parade, the drop off, arriving home, getting called off from my 5AM shift, sleeping until my 10AM class,

“It’s the dirtiest clean I know…” 😘


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