Over and Over by Hot Chip

I don’t know how it happened but this song popped into my head tonight!

I instantly traveled back in time to Autumn 2008: that first dance party that addicted me like a gateway drug to an electrofest hipster disco, making out with Lucas in the hallway between his bedroom and the bathroom, the moment our lips touched we agreed to this secret affair, running from the cops, My Moon, My Man, Boys Noize, the suckled teets, that turquoise elastic headband with matching top under the striped one, “you’re the first person I’ve met in sheboygan county to wear leggings as pants”, the beginning of the term ‘hipster’,

“Over and over and over and over…”

traveling to New York for the autumn, that Ratatat show that was sold out that we still got into, the brats from Connecticut in the front row, the blue and green light trails on the photos, ‘Wildcat’, ‘Seventeen Years’, history in the making,

“like a monkey with a miniature cymbal…”

that first semester in Stevens Point with Jessie Frankulin, danger biking, the tree house, smoking pot with Jim Raynor, Lucas O’Connell, Friday the 13th, stolen photos, stolen life, make out clubs, never ending lips, cuddle sessions, Earth Mama, 90FM, Steiner Hall, dance parties and nightly adventures, the age of innocence,

“The joy of repetition…”

Road trip listening to Broken Bells with Mike Wilson and George Lepak, the show; MY GOD that show! We pass the joint to ‘We Have Love’, cute hand hearts in the air, dancing with all the girls, the marimbas start up! The blinding lights! Crescendo! Mother fucking crescendo.

Applause! Applause! For I have nothing but love and respect for this song for the journey it has taken me on and the floodgates it has opened.


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