Down with the Trumpets – Rizzle Kicks

Okkaayy, throwback to my study abroad semester in London. This beat was so fucking sick at the time. We requested it on Friday club nights, pregamed to it, rapped along with it, vibed with it, basically, we were all out addicted to the sound.

Let’s set up the scene: A-Squad enters the ISH bar, Julia, Cory, MareBear, Kory and I order a round of shots and pints of Strongbow and Carlsberg and sit in our corner booth. Suddenly the track would take hold: it would start playing on the screens.

“When I get down, I get respect now…”

I can remember Kory saying, “God, this song!”

“and when our tune drops you know it makes your head bounce…”

We’re buzzed and stumbling to the 88 Camden Town bus to the Koko disco, raining confetti, butterfly face paint, fresh red hair, those burnt sienna corduroy shorts, runaway massive balloon hands, the balcony, “this is our life”, security pummeling Kory, the walk home.

“Lookin’ at a bright blue skyyyy!”

That lame party at CareBear’s buddy-between-the-sheets’ flat, shotgunning on the foyer, that nappy purple sweater, stealing back Kory’s SnapBack, Kory stealing the grandma motor chair, Baker Street, drunk photoshoots.


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