Feed the Animals by Girl Talk

I had a flashback to a party that I don’t even know how I ended up at but I remember the one person I knew there: Daleth Mountjoy.

I knew of him because my neighbor in the dorms was obsessed with him and actually knew him because we sat at the same fuck-off table in our English literature class.

So how did I end up at this party? Who the fuck knows. I just remember the moment the album cued up. I shit my pants with joy and shook my lil toosh on the dance floor, which was actually a dining room with all the furniture moved to one side and the chandelier lights obnoxiously on full blast, but who cares! We were all drunken lunatic smiles enjoying our youth 😄

This isn’t the only memory I have of this album. I was to skip my meteorology class the night of the election and see him perform. I thought, “what better way to celebrate Obama’s victory than gettin’ down on the floor with Girl Talk?” Then the motherfucking show sold out a few days in advance and my lazy ass never got around to buying a ticket.

Maybe that was the point of the mysterious party later on though, to make up for that which I felt I’d missed.


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