Sabali by Amadou & Mariam

So my friend texted me tonight about some guy that came into the gallery he works at in New York and showed him a video about Banksy. The song playing in the video was Sabali.

Sabali was a song I’d found through some random blog that had the years top 500 songs posted to it. I remember finding it and thinking, “my god I’ve stumbled upon a goldmine!”

It soon became the anthem for spring 2010. Jessie Frankulin and I would giggle every time we heard the song and I can still hear her voice the first time she heard it, “what’s this?” She mustered through her gleeful laughter.

I’d forgotten about the song and then two years later it found me again. I’d moved into the Broadway house in Eugene, Oregon. My neighbor Cueyo would play hip-hop music every time he cooked one of his magical kitchen concoctions. I overheard Theophilus London rhyming over a Sabali sample and died. I downloaded the song instantaneously.

A few weeks later my roommate Ben told me he heard me listening to his favourite song. I said, ” oh yeah, what’s that?”

I had no idea we had anything in common other than our ambiguous natures and tendencies to go-with-the-flow.

He pulls up the video on YouTube and I have no idea what he’s talking about. I’d never heard of this song before in my life. Then the track cued up and this time it was Nas and Damian Marley rapping over Sabali. The music video was hypnotizing, aesthetically pleasing mine eyes.

In that moment I realized Sabali had the power to move mountains 😄


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