True Loves by Hooray for Earth

I’ve spent the last year trying to remember the name of this song so I could listen to it again, I open up my old music page from college and there it is, smiling back at me 😊

Immediately I flashed to that plush carpeted floor that use to decorate our rec room, the screen door wide open,

“Quiet heart, quiet heart…”

June summer still nights,

“It’s a quiet heart…”

peace of mind, everything is over, the chaos is done, school is over, we can all move on, late night chats with the same ole friends,

“Hollow chest, it’s a hollow chest…”

the pet falcon, Arabian nights, stale conversations to fill a lonely life, he loves me, I only want to be his friend, I let him know, he’s convinced it’ll be different when he returns, I only see him once more,

“Under a world of sound…”

a year later, two friends marriage, a hotel lobby, the Asian girl, “when can we start drinking again?”, fake smiles,

“I’ll make a choice…”

they haven’t changed, I have, we slip silently out the sliding doors, name tags in tact, good-bye Stevens Point.


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