We Are Young by Fun.

I don’t know why, but out of nowhere I just started singing this song and I flashed back into the same place I always do:

Portland, Oregon, downtown, first time on the west coast, dreams realized, bougie hotel scenes,

“Toniigghtt we are yoouunngg…”

an Irish pub, bored strangers, a random bar, an MS benefit concert, the only interesting people are the band that no one cares about, my new best friend Annie,

“So let’s set the world on fiiirree…”

British and Aussie Bay Area invasion, adaptation, my god those accents, underlying harassment, “they think they’re so cool”, fashionable cigarettes, Aussie’s two girls ready to go, continued harassment, “I don’t know why you ditched them, they were a for sure thing”, I become his conquest,

“We can burn brighter than the sun…”

Riverfront strolls, arm-in-arm, tongue-in-cheek, the park bench, cheeky makeout sessions, “where’s your hotel?”,

“Just carry me home toniigghtt…”

Pass out, snore in his ear, “I told you I wasn’t going to sleep with you”, “I didn’t think you meant it!”, Goodbye Aussie,

“Let’s set the world on fiiiire…”

The secret lives we live ❤️


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