The Night Starts Here by Stars

Life after daddy,

“Please come back to me…”

The computer downstairs, rain in July, summer 2007, hazy skies, Trisha Sawall knocking at my door, the back porch sessions,

“It travels places you’ve never been or seen before…”

Dreams of Portland, Oregon, PSU, decisions to study Communications, hope, faith and love, a feeling that everything was falling into place and that everything was as it should be,

“The night starts here…”

That night in the McDonalds parking lot months later, birthday presents from Zach Kidder, Blue Like Jazz, Portland synchronicities,

“Forget your name, forget your fear…”

This song reminds me every time I hear it of when I started to dream up my future, the development of my intuition, that the universe is guiding me, and to always maintain a healthy, childlike curiosity in life 😄


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