Paso by Sak Noel AKA This Time in My Life Two Years Ago

It was 6:00AM, everyone but my friend from New York, Chris, was gone. The house was destroyed; beads, streamers, glitter -everywhere! Someone broke the couch in half. Another person cracked the stove top. What the hell happened?

I’m not completely sure, but what I do know is how it got to that point.

I’d been talking about it for awhile now and was never sure if it would happen or not but I told Maria, “the only thing I’ve wanted out of Oregon this whole time is a party bus!”

Her response? “Let’s make it happen!”

So the campaign was winding down, I knew I was moving back to Wisconsin when it was over, so we thought, obviously this is going to be my going away party.

My friend Chris called me one night a couple weeks before it all happened and I told him, “yo, Chris you gotta come to this party! I’m telling you it’s not something you’re gonna wanna miss.”

He heard the words ‘party bus’ and was sold.

Chris got in from New York Thursday night around 11:00PM. We woke up the next day and rented a car. We picked up my friend Lucas, bought the liquor, decorated the house and head off to Maria’s for the last supper.

Everyone decked out in their fanciest prom attire for a true night that only five people would remember. I entered the room after the last drop off and everyone was there. They made an announcement and handed me my holy grail decked out in a glitterati ‘PIMP’ sprawled across the cup along with signatures signifying my end in this place.

Paul leans in to assure me that it will never be empty. Suddenly we hear the honking and we know: the bus has arrived!

Everyone huddled in the living room, quiet and still, eagerly waiting. It looked more like the damn police had just arrived to bust the party then what was about to ensue.

Maria hurried back to the house and gave us her rules for the night, “Now listen up! What happens on the party bus, stays on the party bus! Also, have fun!”

The flood gates open, everyone pours out of the house and onto the front lawn, I showed my ID and entered the Mecca. Paul came in behind me. We hugged and jumped around, “We finally made it, Paul! We made it! THIS is our life!”

I looked out the door and saw the crowd of people waiting to get in. We exceeded capacity. A maximum of 35 people my ass. We had 45 people on that bus. It felt more like a club on wheels with all of my closest friends from the past year along with some people that I had no idea who the hell they were.

I plug my iPod into the jack, point to Maria, “THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!” [Insert Paso by Sak Noel] She starts hooting and hollering. The bus rolls off on it’s two hour tour; let the debaucherous events ensue!

Needless to say, “Yo paso de todo,” became the heedless motto for the night, but in accordance to Maria’s initial rules, “What happens on the party bus stays on the party bus!” 😉

This had to be the craziest 48 hours of my life because what happened the next day doesn’t even make sense unless you know me, but there’ll be more on that tomorrow 😄


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