Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

Today I was driving Mamaro to work and this song came on. My response, “YAAAAASSSS!!” Then I turned it up and sang along:

“Right now…”

Spring break 2007 in New York, Times Square, the new M&M store, that Aqua green sweatshirt, the MTV store, that red Brooklyn Bears baseball tee, those Shirley Temple curls, rich kids in Bronxville in sports cars shouting vulgarities, “Suck my dick you fat bitch! I’m from St. James mother fucker!”

“Can’t shoot the whiskey…”

That first time I met Michael Strader, 11AM, Thursday, a bottle of vodka, “Do you wanna drink?” “No, thanks.” Returning back from the city, “what happened to the kid with the boot on his leg that wanted to get drunk this morning?” “He’s passed out.”

“Carved my name into his leather seats…”

Sledding with Becca Gass and the guys, Kiwanis park, buying this CD before Becca’s 18th birthday party at the hookah bar, 3 hookahs later, the burn holes in my jacket, the titty jacket, the one photo we have together, mudding, the country music days with country folk, Doug, Taylor, Corey Zorn,

“Took a Louisville slugger to both headlights…”

my 19th birthday party, Taylor’s red pickup, homemade sunroof, sticking my head out, feeling infinite, feeling anything at all

“Slashed a hole in all four tires…”

Daddy’s still healthy, the family is happy together, CMT, thoughts of a last dance, Daddy daughter movie nights, the living room, our last photos

“I may have saved a little trouble for the next girl…”

and I still drive my first car, that black Pontiac with the great stereo system.


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