Ho Hey by The Lumineers

This song came on the radio when Mamaro and I were driving around town and I just had to start slapping my thigh to the beat:

“I belong with you…”

Barcelona, On Letting Go, Guapo, that cathedral, arm in arm in the rain, promenading around town, romance in the dinner place, candles lit, cuddles so soft and so close, sleeping so warm and sound in his arms, that turquoise checkered scarf, Belushi’s,

“You belong with me…”

That first glance, that beach bungalow room, that staircase lounge, “¿Hablas español?”, “Can I buy you a drink?”, inching closer and closer, lips touching lips, feeling the entire infinite universe in those moments, elevator love affair,

“You’re my sweet heart…”

Barceloneta, stolen street art, the boardwalk, “my uncles swim drunk in waves like this”, “We have a saying back home that when the waves are wild like this, it’s like a woman and when it’s calm, its like a man”,

“Standing next to me…”

Side by side, shoulder to shoulder, the art exhibit, blatant penis photo, cute selfies, the marketplace, “reminds me of back home”,

“Looovvee we neeedd itt nooww!”

Wild nights calling 💚💙


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