Furr by Blitzen Trapper

Today an old friend from university posted this video and tagged me in it, “Remember Libby?” Oh, how I greatly do 😊

“On the day that I turned 23…”

Dreams of a soul mate on my own 23rd birthday, guitar lessons with Karl, the fresh newness of autumn, sunny days in a sunny life, Urban Outfitters catalogues, stylish autumn dayz, Life in the Brew Haus,

“I was curled up beneath the dogwood tree…”

The lone dogwood tree on the walk to the DUC, residence in a 21+ dorm, the science building underground exploration sessions,

“I lost the taste for judging right from wrong…”

The desk buddy makeout sessions, John Lee kisses, secrets from last year lingering in the air, “you two are going to lose your virginities together”, “when are we going to do more?”, nights in dark bars and dark parties, Tim making out with the birthday girl in front of her boyfriend, “yo, we gotta go!”, $1 beer Thursday’s, dark blue hair,

“I’ve been quickly ushered in to a world, I confess, I do not know…”

Intervarsity, fall 2010, that Christian conference, “I throw my hands up in the air some time!”, new friends: Jessie, Megan, Lindsay, Cai, Tyler, bible studies, Thrice listening sessions, Noah and the Whale listening sessions,

“I still dream of running careless through the snow…”

February 2010, Jersey Shore parties, everyone passing judgement at a local bar, free iPod fallen from the drunk heavens, that’s how we found you,

“Don’t be afraid of what you learned…”


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