Kids by MGMT

We were driving around Friday night listening to the old tunes, riding the sound waves back to the old days:

“You were a child…”

Dolls in drag, Aqua, Barbie Girls, after parties at the doll house, “I’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s”, twins that cuddle, alone on a mysterious futon, too early to enter dorm with no ID, free breakfast at Debot,

“No time to think of consequences…”

Bike rides, a riverfront affair, the swing sets, the watering hole that no one knows, where we hide to watch the sunset, countryside, late night adventures,

“Control yourself, take only what you need…”

Month of May, windows open, end of the school year happiness, 99 oranges dreamsicles, marker wars, red and blonde follicles, Kibbles toads, melting booths, crowd surfing entrance, vomiting sidewalk,

“Crying out for attention…”

Bright orange cd, stolen spray paint, final project, English class, cock-eyes, gone half the time, “how I got to class today”, the backseat of a gator, Abe Lincoln’s top hat of doom,

“The memories fade…”

Oh, to be 21 again 😍


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