Empty by Ray LaMontagne

I was reading another’s writings and he was talking about music’s connection to the soul of the world. He mentioned Ray LaMontagne and I was stopped in my tracks,

“Walks through the garden rose with her bare feet, laughing…”

Golden, long flowing hair, crisp clean sunshine dust kissing the neck, sweet serene innocent laughter, white billowing country dress, daisy chain gracing the crown, dancing barefoot in this field, a dream I want to come true one day,

“Will I always feel this way…”

Whiskey taverns, fried curds tantalizing the taste buds, a burgundy coloured candlelit room, a stranger eats alone, the mysterious neighbour boy, shadows dancing on the walls and in his heart,

“So empty, so estranged…”

The death of a child, an ex-wife somewhere in the Montanas, giants bones, a great flood should the levee break, drawings of the virgin, he once studied these charcoal tools, now he excavates God, he drinks to suppress the memories, I drink to bring them on,

“Do your best to destroy me…”

This song reminds me of the darkest time of my own life and still how I love it so much; where he sounds so dire and miserable I hear hope, I hear the light coming up ahead, but still when the rain is pouring outside and I am feeling alone, I put this song on repeat and allow myself to feel the depths of my sadness in those moments.

“It’s the hurt you have inside that fuels the fires inside me…”


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