One More Time by Daft Punk

Daft Punk has been invading my life these past couple of days, most just their song Around the World. Then today I was driving home and this song came on and I lost every inhibition in my mortal body,

“Celebrate and dance so free!”

The clock strikes midnight, 19th birthday celebration, a strangers apartment, huddled close, enraptured ecstasy, everyone gets low at the same time,

“Music’s got me feeling so free!”

The leader speaks, “when the beat drops, I want everybody to jump up and high five at the same time”, the anticipation creeping up in everyone’s hearts,


HUZZAH! Bursts of joy from a unified group huddle high five, our bodies in sync to the music, we rode the wave straight on home, mission possible, we will all sleep sound tonight 💚


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