Sun Hands by Local Natives

I was looking at someone’s profile on OkCupid and his favourite band was Local Natives. I had to put this song as soon as possible. I don’t actually remember where I was in my life when I was listening to this song, but I remember the long contemplative conversations and thoughts I had around this time period.

“…and when I can’t feel with my sun hands!”

Dana Scheffen, psychology classes, radio kid dayz, February and November always seem the same, the fluorescent blue Christmas light day-glo bedroom scene,

“I promise not to lose her again!”

Pink fizzy drinks, we climbed out my bedroom window to sit on that rooftop overlooking the city, making out with those boys with girlfriends, “I bet she’s good at giving head,”

“The taunting gesture…”

Walden classes, Ishmael absorbed into the brain in two days, skipping every class/every meeting/every friend/every life obligation to digest the altering mind-bending material

“This is what you’re missing…”


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