I Could Be the One by Avicii//Nicky Romero

This song is the first song on my old iPod. One cannot express the joy that overwhelms my little body when I hear this song again.

“I could be the one to make you feel that way…”

Definitive moments in the ISH bar with my favourite bartender Cornel, “this music video is really funny!”, “actually, every time I see it I think of you!” Moments in London, April 2013,

“When you need to find a way to breathe…”

The funny yurrminn, “this music video IS you!”, Aracaju, Brazil, more wild nights calling, partying until the sunrise and jumping in the ocean, that mysterious tropical island party with the mysterious tropical bus, drugs for deportation, dream team, dolphin life, five strangers hearts beating as one,

“Used to be so easy can’t you see?”

Opening set, Avicii, Las Vegas, September 2013, Marquee free tickets, Encore, swimming pool sessions, VIP drinks, Rokoo, Aviciis British twin, that mysterious hooker, a rental car home, the best decision Maria and I ever made,

“I could be the one to set you free…”

mitt romney


My Old iPod


I turned my old iPod on today. The one that I bought in London after everything got stolen, the only way I had to communicate with people back home. The one that shattered that night I was playing my ukulele in the cold at UWM. The one that stopped working right because of the humidity of Brazil. The one that fell into Lake Michigan and still turned back on. I love this iPod because it’s been beaten, shattered, drowned and it still fights to live! It reminds me of myself and its survived these toughest years with me and its seen the entire world with me, so today, I turned it back on and listened to all the old songs I never hear anymore. These next few posts are to you ole buddy 💚💚

Disparate Youth by Santigold

Sometimes you just have to forget everything about the present moment and delve straight into the pool of infinite memories.

“Our dreams will carry us…”

Christian’s going away party, massage train 25 deep, tequila shots for everyone, “To Eugene in 2012!”, shirtless volleyball, kitchen bump n grind line, mysterious cuddles on a kitchen floor

“If they don’t fly we will run…”

Bombarding a borrowed limo, kisses to a birthday boy, “who is that girl?!”, pouring glasses of strangers top shelf liquor, we entertain the mighty and the meek,

“We know that we want more…”

Nighttime glasses, fluorescent porch lights, queens and kings neighbors, a bucket full of icy beer, The Jeff, garlic hamburgers

“A life worth fighting for…”

Headlines by Drake

I went to the hookah bar last night with my bestie and this song came on. I was gleaming ear to ear, rapping along, fricken ecstatic about the memories of:

Summer 2012, Eugene, Oregon, Ari, Cueyo-yo-yo, YakFace, Corbie, Allison, Anne, Bobby, and all the random friends and random people we pulled off the street to join our dance parties,

“I may be too strung out on compliments…”

Broadway Posse, Brown Town, MDMA and two half gallons of 1800 a day, four day weekends beginning every Wednesday,

“Overdosed on confidence…”

Friday’s no school, conference call followed up by a couple bottles of beer, stoopin’, summer barbeques, limo drivers best friends, politickin’ and philosophizin’, 88 degrees and sunshine every day,

“Starting not to give a fuck…”

Flowers in our hair, spray paint legs, face paint warfare, bright green tutus, red and brown wigs, LibbyLife, that native print back cut-out red, blue and tan shirt, wild eyes, wild nights,

“Stopped fearing the consequence…”

Wake up on the futon on the front lawn, coked out strippers, broken bottles thrown at strangers houses, busted knees, water running, Corbie passed out in the shower, broken mirrors, the sickness of stopping, pills popping, every day the same ole thing and different in recollect at the same time, the other side of partying.

brown town

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

I caught the tail end of this song in the car today. I used to listen to this song on repeat so much I got sick of it and I actually hadn’t heard it in so long that it made me miss it and the memories associated with it:

Waukesha, December 2009, more student government conferences, that rental minivan, celebrity crushes, the hotel resort running around in the water park, Nathaniel Darby,

“I want your everything as long as it’s free…”

“Cascada sings this song?”, “Are you going to play anything else?”, cards on a hotel bed, lappy blasting tunes, the parking lot, forcing everyone to listen to this song 42 times in one night,

“I want your love, love, love, love, I want your love…”

Ellen just dancing around the Brawley living room, fall semester winding down, frost nipping at the nose, winter break weeks away,

“Cause I’m a free bitch, baby!”

5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale

In five years time I completely forgot about this band and song, until it came on a playlist and I felt like I was that innocent 20 year old girl again dancing so free.

“Oh well in 5 years time…”

DJ Albino recommendations, 90FM, cutesy dance routines, “I’m twenty-onnneeee!!”, tingled nostrils tinged from that eeyore conditioner,

“Oh well I’ll look at you and think it’s the happiest I’ve ever been…”

21 Candles, dormrooms solely executed for inebriation, acoustic Eddie, twenty four twists in a shopping cart, lumpy mashed potatoes delicately teasing my tastebuds, that slow and steady drizzle,

“Put my hands over your eyes and you’ll peep through…”

First Avenue, Minneapolis, Dinky Town, Robyn reunions, pizza parlours, Twilight, poster signatures, road trips with Jessie and Kibbles, Buffalo Exchange, gold and blue stripes on a big-buttoned sweater, the musty smell in record shop on an uptown corner,

“And there’ll be love, love, love…”

A song and a band that forever infinitely define my first semester at university, the best friend I had and the adventures we embarked on 😊

“Wherever you go there’ll be love!” ❤️❤️