5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale

In five years time I completely forgot about this band and song, until it came on a playlist and I felt like I was that innocent 20 year old girl again dancing so free.

“Oh well in 5 years time…”

DJ Albino recommendations, 90FM, cutesy dance routines, “I’m twenty-onnneeee!!”, tingled nostrils tinged from that eeyore conditioner,

“Oh well I’ll look at you and think it’s the happiest I’ve ever been…”

21 Candles, dormrooms solely executed for inebriation, acoustic Eddie, twenty four twists in a shopping cart, lumpy mashed potatoes delicately teasing my tastebuds, that slow and steady drizzle,

“Put my hands over your eyes and you’ll peep through…”

First Avenue, Minneapolis, Dinky Town, Robyn reunions, pizza parlours, Twilight, poster signatures, road trips with Jessie and Kibbles, Buffalo Exchange, gold and blue stripes on a big-buttoned sweater, the musty smell in record shop on an uptown corner,

“And there’ll be love, love, love…”

A song and a band that forever infinitely define my first semester at university, the best friend I had and the adventures we embarked on 😊

“Wherever you go there’ll be love!” ❀️❀️



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