Headlines by Drake

I went to the hookah bar last night with my bestie and this song came on. I was gleaming ear to ear, rapping along, fricken ecstatic about the memories of:

Summer 2012, Eugene, Oregon, Ari, Cueyo-yo-yo, YakFace, Corbie, Allison, Anne, Bobby, and all the random friends and random people we pulled off the street to join our dance parties,

“I may be too strung out on compliments…”

Broadway Posse, Brown Town, MDMA and two half gallons of 1800 a day, four day weekends beginning every Wednesday,

“Overdosed on confidence…”

Friday’s no school, conference call followed up by a couple bottles of beer, stoopin’, summer barbeques, limo drivers best friends, politickin’ and philosophizin’, 88 degrees and sunshine every day,

“Starting not to give a fuck…”

Flowers in our hair, spray paint legs, face paint warfare, bright green tutus, red and brown wigs, LibbyLife, that native print back cut-out red, blue and tan shirt, wild eyes, wild nights,

“Stopped fearing the consequence…”

Wake up on the futon on the front lawn, coked out strippers, broken bottles thrown at strangers houses, busted knees, water running, Corbie passed out in the shower, broken mirrors, the sickness of stopping, pills popping, every day the same ole thing and different in recollect at the same time, the other side of partying.

brown town


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