I Could Be the One by Avicii//Nicky Romero

This song is the first song on my old iPod. One cannot express the joy that overwhelms my little body when I hear this song again.

“I could be the one to make you feel that way…”

Definitive moments in the ISH bar with my favourite bartender Cornel, “this music video is really funny!”, “actually, every time I see it I think of you!” Moments in London, April 2013,

“When you need to find a way to breathe…”

The funny yurrminn, “this music video IS you!”, Aracaju, Brazil, more wild nights calling, partying until the sunrise and jumping in the ocean, that mysterious tropical island party with the mysterious tropical bus, drugs for deportation, dream team, dolphin life, five strangers hearts beating as one,

“Used to be so easy can’t you see?”

Opening set, Avicii, Las Vegas, September 2013, Marquee free tickets, Encore, swimming pool sessions, VIP drinks, Rokoo, Aviciis British twin, that mysterious hooker, a rental car home, the best decision Maria and I ever made,

“I could be the one to set you free…”

mitt romney


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