Lepo Lepo by Psirico

A year ago I moved to Aracaju, Brazil to do an exchange program for a few months. Of course I would get the travelers itch and decide to move to Rio for the rest of the duration of my time in this beautiful country, but while I was in Aracaju this quickly became our theme song.

“Eu não tenho carro…”

Pré-caju, Ivete Sangalo, partying before at Helber’s mom’s place, the first night, the balcony in that condo overlooking the main drag, that shot of principi, the leite condensado on those tasty limes, making out with the security guard leading the bloco,

“Não tenho teto…”

Plan, dolphin life, cachaça experience, the one time I will throw up, showering with DuBas, mysterious notes, “maybe we’re here to find each other”,

“E se ficar comigo é porque gosta…”

Days on the beach, coco water on the sand, salt water in our hair, the arcos, the only shade between two Palm trees, the many liter bottles of skol, caranguejas, pastels, the walks home,

“Do meu rá rá rá rá rá rá rá…”

The island party, kissing Lucas, drugs for deportation, not remembering kissing Juanes and the sober trouble it started, the ocean at 6am, the other american, “we made it!!”, shit stains in the front, tropical bus for us, the long mysterious journey home, the rogue tropical thunderstorm that flooded our ride,

“O lepoooo lepooooo…”

Valentines Day, the walk home, that perfect sunset over the river with those boat homes, pinguino book from Mama Vanda and the dresses she had made for me, the couch surfing meet-up group with Lucas and Sergio, “you better not be with him next Valentine’s Day”, the beach after party, that lacy white dress, Lucas holding me in the sand, Juanes yanking me away from Lucas and holding me in the sand,

“É tão gostoso quando eu rá rá rá rá rá rá rá…”

The last party, that yellow cupcake dress, the ocean makeout competition, Brazilian champion, topless Dolphins, we are young, wild and free

“O lepoooo lepooooo…”



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