Guys Like Me by Eric Church

The radio situation escalated in Mamaro’s car last night when I tired of all the band CD’s and craved a mix CD, anything for a plethora of various songs and artists. I chose the orange one, because I get that feel good notion when I see it. I forgot I put it in last night, I turned on the car this morning and this song cued up.

“‘Cause guys like me drink too many beers…”

The guys, Becca Gass, mudding, the P-Dub, the first ride in the Samurai, watching the road pass under us through that janky hole in the floor, the shop, wild summer nights, smell of the fresh Wisconsin air after all the wild flowers blossom,

“On Friday after work…”

The walker of doom, the clean bill of health, popping a couple of vicodin and calling it a day, mudding in the woods, “I can’t believe I got in a car accident a month ago and now I’m in the backseat of a truck pinned between two trees”, “WHAT?”,

“So rough around the edges…”

The black and white tie affair, a 19th birthday party, das boot, Corey Zorn, oreo balls, we’ll find out later that 30 minutes after we left it got busted and everyone got underagers, getting kicked out of the third party, that stolen rainbow windsock,

“You went to college…”

St. Patrick’s Day party the same night, Betsy’s recycle can regurgitation revolution, “Good, let it all out!”, the photos of Brandons that linger on in memory, making it rain Apples to Apples cards, Touchy Feely Helen Keller, green Vegas style drinking cups and the elongated straws we always seemed to lost, mysterious photographs from mysterious nights in Doug’s basement,

“Only God knows why…”



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