The Mariner’s Revenge Song by The Decemberists

The adapter that plays music off of my phone in my mama’s car broke the other day, so I’ve been listening to the radio a lot more lately. Hearing the same five songs on repeat becomes boring after awhile, so I put in random CD’s that happen to be in the car. Originally I put in Taking Back Sunday’s ‘Where You Want to Be’, but alas, I saw ‘Picaresque’ peaking out through the stack. I decided to put it in to go along with the college memory theme that happened to be lingering throughout the day. I skipped every song on the CD and went straight for track 10.

“I guess we have some time to kill…”

That early morning drive to Stevens Point, fall orientation, November, the lavender tank over that white shirt, the infamous black leggings, those white fucking boots, the last of the Kia Optima,

“but I remember you…”

Sneaking away, thoughts cross my mind, “I must find a reason to talk to these guys”, scanning, the radio kids, Jarad Olson, the curly red headed kid, “nice shoes”, a social invitation over three pairs of moccasins,

“and I will relate to you…”

A studio tour, the melody drifts across the airwaves, the words billow out of my throat and I dance to the beat, “Oh yeah, you’ll fit in just fine here”, a new found confidence, a place I belong before belonging, a plethora of attractive men,

“how our histories interweave…”

Selfies before relevancy, my dad’s reading glasses sans lenses, long, straight, dark chocolate wisps pulled back to the tails of ponies, a coming of age story.



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