The Girl from Ipanema by Joao Gilberto

I didn’t miss Brazil after I left. I knew it was over and I was ready for the adventure to be over when it came to an end. Lately though, after seeing Juanes and seeing all my old friends gear up for Carnaval on Facebook has made me miss those times. I’ve been feeling stressed out by life, alas I put on this song and it’s as if the calming waves pass over me and deliver me into those very moments when I was:

“Tall and tan and young and lovely…”

Rio de Janeiro, Mambembe, stoopin’ on those front door steps, Rodrigo with the classical acoustic, me with that powerful voice, English subtitles to the Portuguese favourite, we are the modern day musical renegades,

“The girl from Ipanema goes walking…”

Mornings flow into afternoons that gently carry us away to post 9, we build our own sandy seats on the forefront of the beach, mild flirtations that lead nowhere soon, I disappear to visit an old friend for a week,

“When she passes he smiles…”

Upon return grants an invitation to a samba club with the guy and another friend, the friend leaves, the guy leads with his hips, an invitation to learn how to dance, he is drunk in love in this moment, the friend disappears, we are left to our own vices, he’s inducted into my infamous worldwide makeout club, a hot sexual encounter on someone’s stairs on an empty street in Santa Teresa,

“But she doesn’t see…”



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