Bad Girls by M.I.A.

Nothing in particular or relevant to the moment seems to trigger some memories inside of me. I was cutting out these two Spanish girls from a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement in some bougie magazine and for some reason I just started imagining this random surf party at the co-op in Eugene before the start of summer in 2012. I couldn’t think of surf music that would be relevant to the moment and then I remembered, this is one of about five songs I was listening to back then.

“Live fast, die young…”

That lost & found front lawn wet suit and snorkel gear, the flourescent green tutu, a rainbow onesie on the girl with flowers in her hair, West Coast dreamin’, Ben will only make it half way before anxiety sets in, his nervous energy transfers to the exuberance bubbling out of our palms, a small party, the band sets up, I’m already drunk,

“Bad girls do it well…”

Mysterious photos in a wooden toilet sauna -infinite free years of public transport!, I emerge, Christian’s love for the Turkish bath becomes my front lawn final fantasy, a college indie wet dream on the side of some suburban sorority home, the party is overflowing now,

“When I get to where I’m going…”

Ari K and the OSPIRG brigade emerge from the front porch stoopin’ crew, the surf theme turns into a water bottle being thrown, spit’s flying now!, punches are thrown, fear bubbles up inside, Christian emerges fully aware of what has begun, the crowd fights each other, the police show up, we frolic away like the gypsy children we are,

“Gonna have you tremblin’…”

Coquettish heart patters and a blink of an eye, the man on the bike taxi escorts us to another place, we are the modern day Cinderella’s, the wrong burritoville, preposterous turn of events, we run, screaming “GET SOME!” to the same phonetics, we enter and leave again,

“Damned if I do…”

11th Street, the Hiron’s beach ball rainbow extravaganza, kickball, volleyball, summer sports in the middle of an empty highway, Cueyo, Kunu, the boys appear on bikes, Ari K, her OSPIRG friends, we are rollin’ through downtown now, high on speed, light speed, we cruise through downtown howling like hyenas, no time to be skiddish, we are the children of generations XY&Z,

“Who’s gonna stop me when I’m coming through?”



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