One Day // Reckoning Song – Asaf Avidan (Wanklemut Remix)

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this song yet! This song was such a pivotal moment in my life: Barcelona, Spain. It’s when the ‘On Letting Go’ series began in my life. I knew when I stepped off the train platform and walked into the daylight of this Mediterranean favourite that my trip was about to change. It came back into my life a couple days ago and I’ve had it on repeat ever since! I would like to write the full story again, because what happened this night, like a good friend once told me, “I don’t know how this shit happens to you, you can’t even write this shit!” I’d like to dedicate it to those two girls from Chile: la vida loca por todos los dias 😀

Okay, so, lets rewind a little bit. I’m in Barcelona now, yes, the party Capitol of the world. Okay, so fast forward to Friday at about 6pm. I go out on a date to a hookah bar in the Raval district. Get smoked down, drank some drinks, and off to dinner at this sassy but playful Mexican restaurant. We share nachos and fajitas and get our tequila on in margaritaville. It starts getting busy and goes from cozy hideaway restaurant to cosmopolitan yuppie drink night social hour, so we pay and decide to go to another bar, despues de nosotros “empty our bladders.” We start walking and he tells me about this other American girl he went on a date with a couple nights before. He says, “she was starting fights with everyone, the bartender, the bouncer, anyone, she was even being a bitch to some girl I was talking to. At the end of the night I had to put her in a taxi and send her on her way.”

Then he says the inevitable, “you’re not going to do that, are you?”

I respond, “if you don’t do it to me, I’m not going to do it to you.”

We keep walking and we end up right across the street from the hostel I’m staying at so we go there to use the bathrooms and drink cheap drinks.

The last words I ever hear this man say, “I’m going to the toilet, you order the drinks. I’m sure you’ll do fine!” He exits stage right for the bathroom.

I’m left standing at the bar like, oh hell no he didn’t! I’m not buying drinks and ordering for you so you can criticise my choice. So I did what any sane girl would do in that situation and went to my own bathroom. My thoughts were this, he’s a guy, he can manage. He can go to the bar and wait for me. Well, that didn’t work out as planned because we lost each other. Him having no real way to contact me and me not trying very hard to look for him because I became instaneously distracted by my roommate and the two American girls he was trying to score with, all the while, being enamoured and creepily clingy, with me. Enter: Cancun, Minnesota, and Texas.

So here I am at the back of the bar sharing a 6 for €10 bucket of Heineken with people I don’t particularly want to be with, confused as to what the hell just happened. Now my roommate has been persistent, adamant, just gung-ho about going to this club his friends tell him he has to go to, every night it was the same story with him: we have to go to Razzamatazz! This night was no different and after feeling like I’d just been ditched I really just wanted to be alone in my bed. So I did again what any genuine person would do: lied. I told them I’d be right back fulheartedly knowing I wasn’t.

So here’s where the universe just goes AWOL and starts realigning. I’d like to call this: Act 2: La Alma de Viviendo La Vida Loca

I enter my room and of course there’s all these tweeny boppers doing shots in a circle on the floor, getting rowdy at their first chance of independence from their Erasmus abroad group. I think to myself, well, that’s great now I can’t even be alone in my bed and they’re definitely going to have the better night. So I just chill in my bed, minding my own business. They all leave except for two: enter my new best friends for the night: Daniella y Cona.

Daniella sleeps in the bunk above mine and thinking that I’m just another kid on their tour says, “aren’t you going to the party?”

I say, ” what party?”

She’s like, “the party! You know!”

Then another girl peeps her head out from her bunk and says, “she’s not with us!”

Daniella looks at me, “ohh! I’m sorry lol I thought you were with Erasmus!”

And I was all, “yep lol nope!”

And fate twists and turns and points its deathly finger right in my face, looks me dead-square in the eyes and says, “Who cares? Come anyways!”

Without a second thought I grab my money, my passport, my iPod and my flats and am seen running arm-in-arm across the street with two girls from Chile, my soul sisters. We get on their tour bus, I’m handed a free ticket to a club that includes a drink and we take off for god knows where. We’re dropped off at some small student friendly night club near the giant dildo, (as a reference to the video for “Loca People” by Sak Noel).

I later describe this in an email to a friend, “did shots, died young, shuffled, and then was led to the promise land: Razzamatazz.”

Now this isn’t even a matter of coincidence anymore. This night, you honestly, you can’t even write this shit! (Thank you, dear friend of mine :D)

I’m at the club that my annoying roommate has been pestering me about for the last three days and I have a free ticket. I’m standing at the gates of heaven and this is what goes down:

Insert further message from said email correspondence: “I made out with a Parisian, danced with the British, stood on tables, glow sticks everywhere, more shots, 5:30am, taxi ride, pass the ef out. Umm… Pee Es: Delorean was playing a set? I was like lol the universe is exploding on me right now!

Esta es la vida!”

Not to mention the part where “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris comes on and run my little booty down to the dance floor to jump up and down for three minutes straight with three guys who appeared to be from Germany. We laughed we hugged we loved we said our hellos and goodbyes. I came outside to find my chariot awaits! I got in, “to Plaça de Catalunya por favor!”, sat back, rolled my window down, holding a peace sign out the window, let reality sink in and just permasmiled the entire way home. I exited the taxi somewhere in between 5:30 and 6:00am, got a new room key, ripped my sticky leggings off and fell perfectly to sleep.

Man, what a great night. I never plan on living that night down. A full throttle turn of events at each and every corner.

So to the man out there that was lost and confused, and left me alone at the bar: thank you, because of you dreams were made and accomplished.

And to the universe: thank you for your magical work 😉

daniella y cona


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