Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division

Dozing in and out of consciousness on the living room couch, flashbacks came to me of a house in Charleston, South Carolina I’d once visited with Christian Moody, a boondocks backyard, a few lesbians, a few couchsurfers, a few party goers, I don’t even remember why we were there, whose house it was or what we were doing, but I remember entering the domain and I remember the toys in the backyard and the country drive lined with southern comfort and trees, then I remembered this song and how it seemed to play every time we got into the car,

“We’re changing our ways…”

Southern style wrap around porches, two lovers share a bed that barely know each other, we share their room, PBR on a kitchen floor, PBR in a random bar, PBR makes the dick go hard, more bounce to the ounce, grass stains on the thigh highs from the strangers humble abode, makeout sessions on a slab of cement in anywhere USA, the humble dreaded man wears boxers for shorts, our love tryst allows for an invitation to return to the sea, “sorry, we’re leaving today”,

“Taking different roads…”

Night spent Forrest Gumpin’ a ping pong room at the back of a local burger joint, stolen glances with cute waiter staff, the day spent exploring the seaside, strolls through downtown, strolls through marketplaces, rogue meetings at a drug dealers house in the west end, that strange convenient corner store, strolls through parks where every 20-something socialite girl seems to be getting married, strolls through rich neighbourhoods, the artsy girl with the cigarettes, that coffee shop with the low hanging trees, that random house party where we met no one but ourselves on a second floor balcony on some pillows and bean bag chairs,

“Love will tear us apart…”

Lying low under the boughs of the Angel Oak Tree, we count our blessings one by one –how the future’s done-, old man pants caught on film, silent meditations in the leaves, signs say do not touch, we draw the future on the roots of history, that Santigold album on repeat, drives to find the state park, caught in the rain, we find ourselves in the ocean,




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