Ritual Union by Little Dragon

I absolutely adore this song. It’s the right amount of light-hearted feel-good melodic harmonies. This morning it came on my YouTube mix ‘high for this’ and I was flashed to Eugene, Oregon, August 2013, the Whitaker Block Party.

“Ritual unions…”

The fashion show, “ooh, Christian, bald guy!”, “go talk to him for me!”, alluring the male species for my homosapien friends leading to tongue in cheek action, egyptian scarves blowing in the wind and time disappears around us,

“Got me…”

Pulled away by fate, sidewalk, seafish, sea cows, cow fish reunion, memory snaps, wake up again an hour later, reds, blues, greens, yellows, we permeate the epidermis with painted needles to configure songbird shapes on the arm of destiny, ‘cheers’ stampeding the creative side, Aaron and Tyler’s humble abode, the basement corner of the Jeff, the last of the bike brigade,

“In trouble…”

Day date hiking excursion, we drive out to the middle of nowhere and picnic the middle of a river, this infinity bores me to death, “I feel like I’m talking a lot”, “talk less then”, I love the date idea, hate the date, and life goes on




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