Until We Bleed by Kleerup feat. Lykke Li

It was only a matter of time before this song appeared on the mix. I don’t talk about the emotionally swelling moments as much as I talk about the crazy, fun times, maybe that’s why everyone thinks I’m such a vapid real wild child. These moments are just as real as the others though, and although I hated them when I was going through them, they forced me to grow into the woman I am today, and for that, I appreciate them.

“You’re gone…”

Your dad’s pick-up truck, watching you pull away, summer officially ended in those moments, the rest of us were stoopin’, what remained of us at least, I felt the knot in my stomach well up to my throat and bubble into my tear ducts, I ran away so no one would see them fall,

“Come back…”

I put this song on repeat, laid in my bed and cried, I repeated this routine after work every day for three days, the pain never seemed to stop, my biggest regret back then was not telling you how I felt,

“I need you to need me…”

Flashbacks to those dance parties, the moments I was chosen to be the dj while the others railed molly in the kitchen, finding this song again after many years of silence, foreshadowing of the events to come,

“We’re bound to linger on…”


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