Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan

YouTube recommended this song from Calabria 2007 and I immediately had to write about this song too. This was my anthem for the semester I studied abroad in London, fall 2011.

“You make me dance…”

Small Yurrminn towns, we’ve really done it now, they separate us by putting us in a hotel room together, blowing kisses to disinterested bitches, game night, I meet the right team, they meet the wrong team, everyone leaves and I stay to party with the losing team, “You’re just like my friends from back home”,

“Bring me up…”

Next hour, next bar, next beer, next guy, a swift kick to the shins leads to a bathroom invitation, spilling out into the streets, pushed up against a chain-link fence, (oh, he’s really done it now), the lips seem to bite themselves, lost in a small town, finds himself going down, an alleyway behind my hotel,

“Plays it sweet…”

Every Friday night, ISH bar, Club Wisconsin, no one’s dancing unless they’re dancing with me, tequila, TUH-key-LUH, 15 shots, double round, pass ’em ’round, Strongbow Cider Pants, Nights in Rodanthe? Nights in SoHo: astrophysicists, “love is the answer to the universe”, “are you sure you’re American?”, zebra skin walls, the other other Jose, student nights,

“Make me move like a freak, Mr. Saxobeat…”


Calabria 2007 by Enur feat. Natasja

I was in New York this past weekend for the Matt & Kim show. We heard this song twice, which was more than I’d heard it in the past 5 years. I put it on again for good times sake and flashed into one of the best times of my life.

“Whoop Whoop!”

September 2008, dance parties, makeout parties, party packs, countless jagerbombs, white rimmed five fingers, torn shirts, sweats drippin’ now, shots pourin’ now, runnin’ from the poooleeaasseee now, jumpin’, runnin’, hiding in bushes,

“When you run, come around…”

Riding in cars with boys, “I’m the last person you should call when you’re running from the police”, songs on repeat now, we’re alone now, tongue in cheek, tongue on teat, tongue on me, a brown sweater that will never be returned,

“‘Cause I know you’re the talk of the town, yeah…”

Autumn in Corcordia, 80’s babies, tight bitch, fluorescent blue high tops, infamous city photos, those leggings, those lens-less frames, that make-up, those rainboots, an absolutely attractive time in my life,

“Whoop Whoop!”

Love is Gonna Save Us by Benny Benassi

These songs enter my mind stream on a whim and take me to places I haven’t explored in years.

“We are lost…”

1000 mph in any direction, flat hilly countryside, dells straight ahead, we won’t be friends much longer after this trip, Patty is somebody’s baby daddy, stolen objects overflow that pinto saab, away we go!

“and found…”

Signs are everywhere, synchronicity running through my veins, debunking dr. suess (oh! the places you’ll go!), gandhi’s changing things and we’re jumping outta life rafts, bruised knees, we’ve got the vision now, we can finally see, orange – the colour felt by so few but enjoyed by so many, community streams time finally makes sense to me,


Rave:Rave:Rave, pink tutu skirt hugging that tight bod, ROBOKITTY, electrobeat, orange///pink fluorescent daydream, hypnotic spraypaint wall mind swells, third eye bleeds, our lives lived in fastforward, nineteen, teenage dream, played on repeat

“Love is gonna save us”

Rihanna by Clean Bandit feat. Noonie Bao

Another summer in Eugene, Oregon is sharply around the corner. This song takes me back to the second summer: Summer 2013, our sky blue summer rental, when everything was collapsing and crashing, tumbling and thrashing, bumbling and bashing,

“The beat was slow…”

Yellow bicycle on the side of the road marked free, we ride around without a care in the world, we cement our lives on the streets of Broadway to be deemed hooligans from the upstairs sort,

“We got down low…”

All the doors and windows open, creates a constant flow of positive energy in such confusing times, we go to the top of Hendrick’s Park to find dreams come to life, no polar bears here but the city serves as the sea of life, meditations every day in this abundant tree conclave, peace of mind,

“Rihanna on the radio…”

Invitations from friends, university boys and the dogs that love them, the tarot boy from the peninsula, the park ranger streetart kid from Philly, Frankie, anyone else, everyone’s invited, we wake up every day in a new place, with new faces, with new presents from the night before, twinkle toes in pumpkin dresses, gettin loud, stupid shit, the kid that wants to fight us cause the mood all changed,

“All of the things that we used to know…”

Champagne and chambord, backyard barbecues where we met Mike and Zuubie, fateful encounters at the Whitaker Block Party, Betsy will make it a month, but she’ll never make it here, we roll around the mountains to California to make up for lost time, one final adventure to cure our restless souls, Christian is happy,

“Close your eyes…”

Afternoons in the warm pools that hug our dismantled figures, we collapse into them, we hiked along the Oregon countryside, the heat calms the soul and I embark on a solo adventure to find cooler streams, this place is magical

“Let me take you there…”