Love is Gonna Save Us by Benny Benassi

These songs enter my mind stream on a whim and take me to places I haven’t explored in years.

“We are lost…”

1000 mph in any direction, flat hilly countryside, dells straight ahead, we won’t be friends much longer after this trip, Patty is somebody’s baby daddy, stolen objects overflow that pinto saab, away we go!

“and found…”

Signs are everywhere, synchronicity running through my veins, debunking dr. suess (oh! the places you’ll go!), gandhi’s changing things and we’re jumping outta life rafts, bruised knees, we’ve got the vision now, we can finally see, orange – the colour felt by so few but enjoyed by so many, community streams time finally makes sense to me,


Rave:Rave:Rave, pink tutu skirt hugging that tight bod, ROBOKITTY, electrobeat, orange///pink fluorescent daydream, hypnotic spraypaint wall mind swells, third eye bleeds, our lives lived in fastforward, nineteen, teenage dream, played on repeat

“Love is gonna save us”


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