Calabria 2007 by Enur feat. Natasja

I was in New York this past weekend for the Matt & Kim show. We heard this song twice, which was more than I’d heard it in the past 5 years. I put it on again for good times sake and flashed into one of the best times of my life.

“Whoop Whoop!”

September 2008, dance parties, makeout parties, party packs, countless jagerbombs, white rimmed five fingers, torn shirts, sweats drippin’ now, shots pourin’ now, runnin’ from the poooleeaasseee now, jumpin’, runnin’, hiding in bushes,

“When you run, come around…”

Riding in cars with boys, “I’m the last person you should call when you’re running from the police”, songs on repeat now, we’re alone now, tongue in cheek, tongue on teat, tongue on me, a brown sweater that will never be returned,

“‘Cause I know you’re the talk of the town, yeah…”

Autumn in Corcordia, 80’s babies, tight bitch, fluorescent blue high tops, infamous city photos, those leggings, those lens-less frames, that make-up, those rainboots, an absolutely attractive time in my life,

“Whoop Whoop!”


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