Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan

YouTube recommended this song from Calabria 2007 and I immediately had to write about this song too. This was my anthem for the semester I studied abroad in London, fall 2011.

“You make me dance…”

Small Yurrminn towns, we’ve really done it now, they separate us by putting us in a hotel room together, blowing kisses to disinterested bitches, game night, I meet the right team, they meet the wrong team, everyone leaves and I stay to party with the losing team, “You’re just like my friends from back home”,

“Bring me up…”

Next hour, next bar, next beer, next guy, a swift kick to the shins leads to a bathroom invitation, spilling out into the streets, pushed up against a chain-link fence, (oh, he’s really done it now), the lips seem to bite themselves, lost in a small town, finds himself going down, an alleyway behind my hotel,

“Plays it sweet…”

Every Friday night, ISH bar, Club Wisconsin, no one’s dancing unless they’re dancing with me, tequila, TUH-key-LUH, 15 shots, double round, pass ’em ’round, Strongbow Cider Pants, Nights in Rodanthe? Nights in SoHo: astrophysicists, “love is the answer to the universe”, “are you sure you’re American?”, zebra skin walls, the other other Jose, student nights,

“Make me move like a freak, Mr. Saxobeat…”


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