This Boy’s In Love by The Presets [Lifelike Remix]

I lost my iPhone that I use as an iPod because I disconnected the phone services from it; being connected to everyone and everything all the time just made me super anxious. So I grabbed my janky iPod that’s all jacked up from the various times it has fallen on cement and in water, charged it and pressed play. I forgot all about this song, but it’s been a staple in my life through some of the best times I can remember. Here’s to more best times to come!

“I stole the keys to the skies…”

The Pfaffautobohn residence, a Sunday night in 2008, a few arrests, a warrant, running through the streets, multiple charges, they let me go free at the sight of a woman waving her arms in the streets, “You’re lucky this time!”

“We’ll leave this place for the final time…”

A bedroom, jagerbombs for stolen sweatshirts, “Are you in jail?”, always initiating new members to the makeout club, we walk the streets alone at dusk, the last nights in the white optima,

“These are the things that we’ll never understand…”

Laying on the front lawn of the Jeff, Christian’s last day, the posse pulls up after a long day at the river, Yakkity Sacs approaches, “Wish you could’ve came with!”

“We’ll never see this place again…”

A rental car, we drive out to the middle of nowhere, we explore upstream, mossy timber, “Does it look like this where you’re from?” “No, does it look like this where you’re from?” “No.”

“They’ll think about you now and then…”

Rental car full now, we drive out to that field sneaking in a bottle of 1800, Cevosky’s bird mask, dancing to the same rapper, a different venue every time, “I never thought I would find you”, an ice cream stand, that red wig soaking wet and damaged from the sprinkler system, we don’t care because we know,

“They’ll never see our faces again…”