E.T. by Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

I was explaining this blog to one of my new co-workers and this song came on. I told her all the things it reminded me of and she said, “Yep, that’s going in the blog!”

“You’re from a whole other world…”

Nights of passion, the International Dinner, “I want that guy”, caught in the rain, lightning over the river, running hand in hand, thrown up against the side of the house, suckled and in love, we go all night,

“A different dimension…”

Hookah dates, the Saudi Arabian, his tongue always on mine, the stories of our lives unfold in between the sheets, always pushed up against a wall, that striped purple velour sweatshirt ripped off, body on body,

“Kiss me…”

“We should end this”, the 5th of May, a plot of revenge//a surefire way to end things, a Gregs invitation, 4 long island ice teas in 30, our date night becomes an open invitation to our triple kiss club, a surprise text, sealed with a kiss,

“It’s supernatural…”

the Saudi’s best friend, a messy game of tonsil hockey, “I’m gonna need your help”, “Who’s at the door?”, rapidly destroying everything that controls me in that dorm room, the morning after, sneak out at 7AM, climb the pole on the football field, enjoy the sunrise, soak up that destruction feeling and embrace the end of it all.


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