Bounce by Calvin Harris feat. Kelis

Writing that last post reminded me of my favourite Calvin Harris song and it transported me back to every fucking Friday night at the ISH Bar in London. A-Squad for fucking EVERR 😀

“We bounce to this track…”

A-Squad put ’em up, tequila, strongbow, tequila, strongbow, repeat mixture four or five times, Primark does a body good, new party dresses every week, Halloween foam night zombie crawl, double buses awl ovah town, other peoples identification, foam cannons, See the Change, steal a kiss for a pair of stolen sunglasses,

“I don’t care what anybody thinks about that…”

We get down on the floor, down low, low down, down and dirty, shawty get down, good lawd, kettled in, a churchyard, new friendships on a square bench, Elephant & Castle, a dozen jagerbombs built for two, my new hairdresser friend blacking in and out in the brisk night autumn air, Boys Noize in October, Ireland gives me a new infinity, he retaliates, I respond, “Not my life, not my problem!”, starry eyes, I won’t be stopped now,

“No regrets…”

Memories of Camden Town, Shoreditch wankers, Soho, come flooding back, leopard print walls in a shady freshers club, black line tube stations, Tall Korey, Small Cory, MareBear, Jules Verne, CareBear, Chels Bells, a stolen giant party balloon from the club, more bounce to the ounce, a stolen motorized chair from a London flat,  a stolen hat, stolen items flood our dreams, stolen goods for a stolen life,

“Do you know what that means?”


Acceptable in the 80’s by Calvin Harris

A precursor isn’t always necessary, nor is it always the case 😉

“I’ve got love for you…”

His black and white polka dot dress, nights in drag, drag kings and queens, a night of glam, sold-out shows, sneaking in through back doors, slipping security the one muscle that always does my dirty deeds, free entry,

“I’ve got hugs for you…”

Thin cloves and all the ones they rolled themselves, voluptuous thick black ringlets, sweat melts that blue maquillaje, that Aqua compact is lost forever now, he storms his ass off stage, black tar whiskey coursing his veins, the light blue serum, a kiddie-cocktail, a snuff supreme, pockets of gold, white powder on the bearded mans inner thumb,

“It was acceptable in the 80’s…”

We take to the streets, spilling out, rolling 40 deep, a dance party, a doll house, a bed built for four -twin peaks, you and me, a girl to avoid, sensual seduction, not romantic, too dramatic, working it (night by night)

“It was acceptable at the time…”

Where Do My Bluebird Fly – The Tallest Man On Earth

Memories come like flashes of lightning on the cerebral membrane. I believe this is what they call a ‘flashback’. All this talk about secrets has brought about this one, a tint of blue, a tinge of sacrifice; the life of a young seductress bares the weight of a dove caught in a hurricane.

“With all this fever in my mind…”

A room enlightened by ultraviolet rays, spring has sprung, April has befallen us, the windows are cracked, fluorescent fire in their loins, no one is prepared, shaken not stirred was never our motto, not on nights such as these,

“I could drown in your kerosene eyes…”

Three future electorates on a bedroom floor, laughing about future victory, laughing about the public masses, laughing about the institution we were born and raised in, drunk and laughing, we climb onto the roof, the city is aglow tonight, the church bells in the distance serve as a haunting skyline reminder, the fog settles high as dusk settles low, three future electorates can be seen howling at the moon before climbing back inside,

“You’re just a riddle in the sky…”

Someone slips up, slips her the tongue (he’s really done it now), “You have to try it, she’s so good”, relationships forgotten now, the liquor turns the tables, “Are you gonna…?”, three innocents become drunken debauchees, the one she wants is the one she gets,

“Oh, where do my bluebird fly?”

Drunk in Love by Beyonce

Lazy Friday’s equate living room lounging. It’s been a minute since I seriously thought about this memory. This lackadaisical music has lead up to this moment; amb-hop, sedating my eardrums, tantalizing the subconscious flow.

“I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking…”

BEER FEST 101. The Yurrminn’s will make me do it this time, a floundering friendship, her parents four door sedan, an hour long excursion, no money, no reason, handsy Ulysses: crisp, sworn to secrecy (as usual), more secrets than the hills, getting what I want,

“I get filthy when that liquor get into me…”

Paddy Wagon wants to dance; I’ll never say no to an invitation,  “I can’t keep up with you”, it seems no one can,

“I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking…”

More secrets, the long drive home, drunk in love, bonfire night, liquor flowing through our bloodstreams, flesh heating up, hormones on the rise, promises of stellar cuddles,

“Baby, I want you, na-“

Not tonight.

Kettering by The Antlers

I fell asleep to the Bedroom Chillout playlist on Songza. I was thinking about how nice it would be to hear this song and when I woke up, it was playing. Drifting in and out of consciousness, I decided to listen.

“Walking in that room when you had tubes in your arms…”

February spent locked in a room, white, snow white, wafting the air – splinters of red buds with seediness creates an opaque effect, virgin suicides fill a metropolis (only two and a half hours, how ever will this work?),

“Those singing morphine alarms out of tune…”

Caramel steamers, gooey morsels melting alongside, blueberry smoke lingers, dancing on the airwaves for the chilly departure to our humble abode, we will discuss all of the things, blaming the slightest bit of apathy on our lazy culture,

“Something kept me standing by that hospital bed…”

Henry David Thoreau, a fallen tree near the riverbed, the Colosseum rock auditorium, shocks to the system, an infinite paragraph in a concluding chapter (a man can die, but an idea is forever), they will never understand, they will never understand, they will nev- and my mind goes dark,

“I should have quit…”

Same Old Love by Selena Gomez

Fresh songs for fresher beginnings. This song came out at the perfect time. I was revisiting the town where we met, complete with a new found confidence and outlook on life.

“I’m not spending any time…”

The master suite, mirrors the size of walls, outdoor balconies, palm trees, tropical breeze, wanna go to the beach?

“Wastin’ tonight on you…”

Six-stringed phenom, “he’s really into you,” good. let’s keep it that way., pushed up against a wall, the chemistry builds, sing-a-long songs, we all have families to return home to,

“Don’t you try and change your mind…”

Let us drink all of the beer, “I left a few kisses in the ocean for you,” left a few kisses for everyone, six-pack swallowing colour dust, they’ll ask me, “turn down for what?”, my body will respond,

“‘Cause I won’t be changing too…”

Cae El Sol by Los Bonnitos

I have not forgotten about you, in fact, rather the opposite; I have been creating more memories to fill these salacious pages.

“Yo quiero verte sonreír y que no tengas que mentir…”

“I don’t want to dance,” we all know you will, you are truly happy in these moments, the only moments you are truly free, hidden behind these walls, it’s only you and me,

“No ves que estoy, estoy acá dejando toda mi verdad…”

City of good air, chapter four, an infinite storybook, your favourite restaurant, the graveyard cityscape, lost in a shopping mall, “Never do that to me again,”

“No queda nadie en la ciudad pero por vos me quedo acá…”

Prolific dreams on repeat, “I love you,” “I know,” “No, I mean I really love you,” your tongue, my cheek, a couple of fingers, you bite me, practice makes perfect, a finalized plan for 23,

“Esperando por ti…”