Cae El Sol by Los Bonnitos

I have not forgotten about you, in fact, rather the opposite; I have been creating more memories to fill these salacious pages.

“Yo quiero verte sonreír y que no tengas que mentir…”

“I don’t want to dance,” we all know you will, you are truly happy in these moments, the only moments you are truly free, hidden behind these walls, it’s only you and me,

“No ves que estoy, estoy acá dejando toda mi verdad…”

City of good air, chapter four, an infinite storybook, your favourite restaurant, the graveyard cityscape, lost in a shopping mall, “Never do that to me again,”

“No queda nadie en la ciudad pero por vos me quedo acá…”

Prolific dreams on repeat, “I love you,” “I know,” “No, I mean I really love you,” your tongue, my cheek, a couple of fingers, you bite me, practice makes perfect, a finalized plan for 23,

“Esperando por ti…”


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