Same Old Love by Selena Gomez

Fresh songs for fresher beginnings. This song came out at the perfect time. I was revisiting the town where we met, complete with a new found confidence and outlook on life.

“I’m not spending any time…”

The master suite, mirrors the size of walls, outdoor balconies, palm trees, tropical breeze, wanna go to the beach?

“Wastin’ tonight on you…”

Six-stringed phenom, “he’s really into you,” good. let’s keep it that way., pushed up against a wall, the chemistry builds, sing-a-long songs, we all have families to return home to,

“Don’t you try and change your mind…”

Let us drink all of the beer, “I left a few kisses in the ocean for you,” left a few kisses for everyone, six-pack swallowing colour dust, they’ll ask me, “turn down for what?”, my body will respond,

“‘Cause I won’t be changing too…”


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