Where Do My Bluebird Fly – The Tallest Man On Earth

Memories come like flashes of lightning on the cerebral membrane. I believe this is what they call a ‘flashback’. All this talk about secrets has brought about this one, a tint of blue, a tinge of sacrifice; the life of a young seductress bares the weight of a dove caught in a hurricane.

“With all this fever in my mind…”

A room enlightened by ultraviolet rays, spring has sprung, April has befallen us, the windows are cracked, fluorescent fire in their loins, no one is prepared, shaken not stirred was never our motto, not on nights such as these,

“I could drown in your kerosene eyes…”

Three future electorates on a bedroom floor, laughing about future victory, laughing about the public masses, laughing about the institution we were born and raised in, drunk and laughing, we climb onto the roof, the city is aglow tonight, the church bells in the distance serve as a haunting skyline reminder, the fog settles high as dusk settles low, three future electorates can be seen howling at the moon before climbing back inside,

“You’re just a riddle in the sky…”

Someone slips up, slips her the tongue (he’s really done it now), “You have to try it, she’s so good”, relationships forgotten now, the liquor turns the tables, “Are you gonna…?”, three innocents become drunken debauchees, the one she wants is the one she gets,

“Oh, where do my bluebird fly?”


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