Acceptable in the 80’s by Calvin Harris

A precursor isn’t always necessary, nor is it always the case 😉

“I’ve got love for you…”

His black and white polka dot dress, nights in drag, drag kings and queens, a night of glam, sold-out shows, sneaking in through back doors, slipping security the one muscle that always does my dirty deeds, free entry,

“I’ve got hugs for you…”

Thin cloves and all the ones they rolled themselves, voluptuous thick black ringlets, sweat melts that blue maquillaje, that Aqua compact is lost forever now, he storms his ass off stage, black tar whiskey coursing his veins, the light blue serum, a kiddie-cocktail, a snuff supreme, pockets of gold, white powder on the bearded mans inner thumb,

“It was acceptable in the 80’s…”

We take to the streets, spilling out, rolling 40 deep, a dance party, a doll house, a bed built for four -twin peaks, you and me, a girl to avoid, sensual seduction, not romantic, too dramatic, working it (night by night)

“It was acceptable at the time…”


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