Bounce by Calvin Harris feat. Kelis

Writing that last post reminded me of my favourite Calvin Harris song and it transported me back to every fucking Friday night at the ISH Bar in London. A-Squad for fucking EVERR 😀

“We bounce to this track…”

A-Squad put ’em up, tequila, strongbow, tequila, strongbow, repeat mixture four or five times, Primark does a body good, new party dresses every week, Halloween foam night zombie crawl, double buses awl ovah town, other peoples identification, foam cannons, See the Change, steal a kiss for a pair of stolen sunglasses,

“I don’t care what anybody thinks about that…”

We get down on the floor, down low, low down, down and dirty, shawty get down, good lawd, kettled in, a churchyard, new friendships on a square bench, Elephant & Castle, a dozen jagerbombs built for two, my new hairdresser friend blacking in and out in the brisk night autumn air, Boys Noize in October, Ireland gives me a new infinity, he retaliates, I respond, “Not my life, not my problem!”, starry eyes, I won’t be stopped now,

“No regrets…”

Memories of Camden Town, Shoreditch wankers, Soho, come flooding back, leopard print walls in a shady freshers club, black line tube stations, Tall Korey, Small Cory, MareBear, Jules Verne, CareBear, Chels Bells, a stolen giant party balloon from the club, more bounce to the ounce, a stolen motorized chair from a London flat,  a stolen hat, stolen items flood our dreams, stolen goods for a stolen life,

“Do you know what that means?”


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