Style by Taylor Swift

Mamaro and I went to eat lunch at Blue Harbor today. As we were leaving, I saw the maintenance mobile and it reminded me of my last day of work this summer.

“I’ve been there too a few times…”

My summer job bucket list item, a loose plan slipping from grip, the stars align in my favour that fateful night, “Yoooouuu!”, “Is that it?”, “I know that the maintenance mobile is around the corner. I also know that you have access to it.”, we watch the plan unfold,

“When we go crashing down…”

Buckled in, that plush green lawn, “You can’t tell anyone that this is happening!”, promises kept, tire tracks blasting up and down that sidewalk, the lakefront at night, high-fiving branches passing the time, summers end, endings always bring forth new beginnings, giggling like a school girl,

“We come back every time…”



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