Sometimes I Feel So Deserted by The Chemical Brothers

Suddenly memories of LA came shooting through my synapses. I can’t tell if it’s misfires or lapses in the space//time continuum that makes these flashes. It’s like cerebral lightning!

“And sometimes you feel so deserted…”

Friday. Night 1. Illegal swimming pools, we sneak around like the best of ’em. Free towels. Free splashes. Free sun. Free Egyptian friendship, chocked full of free table service.

“But hold on cause help is on the way…”

North Hollywood. Dressed to impress. Hardrock full of Brits. Only here to make you “Go!”, barely legal. Free sights. Free sounds. Free fights. Free weed. Free hotel beds. a cunning experience between layers of cotton. Taxi cab home. Death to Subway, death to 105 degree heat. Lick the hand that feeds you.

“And sometimes you feel so deserted…”

Saturday. Night 2. Free uber. Free beaches. Free the whales. $8 sunglasses; bartering system supreme! “Turn down for what!” Disco taxi, the only man that ever got me. The Pursuit of Happiness. Flashbacks to Brazilian classrooms.”I’d love for you to be my teacher.”, “What would you like to learn?”

“But hold on cause help is on the way…”

Parisian-Algerians, they lie for kisses, I lie for fun, fountain of youth into a neighbouring greenery, stargazing pavement chasers, hag spinsters, “I have to leave”, “Okay”, he’s left dazed and confused because I walk away.

“Sometimes you feel so deserted…”


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