October by Broken Bells

Yesterday Mamaro and I went to Noodles and Company for lunch. This song came on and the usual occurred:

“Remember what they say…”

Riding in cars with boys, a Hot Chip//LCD Soundsystem farewell tour, Georgie Porge, Miiikkeee Willssonnn PARRTTYY!!, that car ride, Stevens Point to Milwaukee and back again, tender smoke, I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m not upset, “We Have Love”, heart-shapes in a crowded room, those girls at the show, so much love in this room and we’re passing the joint now,

“There’s no shortcut to a dream…”

Fashion magazines on a warm register, socks over tights under those brown boots we bought on clearance to save my toes from the rain, army green coats, autumn abodes, a denim jumper, a floral crop top from youth, autumn leaves fall around me,

“It’s all blood and sweat…”

Apple cinnamon pancakes, that window seat in downtown, we watch all the pedestrians pass, those searching eyes, hidden future lies, we discuss the album, we discuss life, our personal revolution, we know it was much more than fate that crossed our paths, we know that we’re much better than this but we’re only as good as the weakest player, which makes us not very good at all, to each his own, we scoff humanity and laugh along.

“And life is what you manage in between.”


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