Titanium by Sia

Holy shit! This song came on a “My Mix” playlist on YouTube; lost my shit! I’m all heated! I’ve been dancing and belting out the tune at the top of my lungs. The memories are all flooding back, trapped energy being released into the universe, making room for positive vibes and peace.

“You shoot me down, but I get up…”

Queer girls and the ones that secretly adore them, “I came out to this song”, she finds her strength, subtle release, a new year in a new city, students older than me leading by example, spring vote crew will always be the best crew, the green shirts and the photos that followed by the white board,

“I am titanium…”

Horsehead on tap, deep-fried forgiveness, he questions if he is queer as well, “Well, you did win Queer of the Year”, everyone secretly wonders if they’re queer, sexuality is fluid,

“Cut me down…”

Maaarrriooo, Christian Moody, 4/20, Day of Silence, those coral shirts that Max drew, The Granary, a whole photo set, sneaking into the bar in a wet-suit, photography cred, a strawberry cigarillo on a front lawn to end a dizzy night,

“But it’s you who’ll have further to fall…”

Sunny daze, birthday cakes, lonely stoop session in the rain, everyone leaves the house but me, alone with my thoughts, things will positively change soon because,

“I am titanium…”



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