Nantes by Beirut

Judy asked me if I wanted to go to the coffee shop tonight. Meeting with her inspired me to bring out my old journals to see what wisdom, stories, and tall tales lie within those ink stained pages of my early-twenty something past. I found this post and wanted to write to you word-for-word, the memories from France.

2/24/13 Nantes – Beirut

“I’ll gamble away my fright and I’ll gamble away my pride.”

“Just another night in Nantes.”

I started crying because I realized, THIS is what life is about, making your dreams come true. It’s more than just being here, it’s what it represents. A song that defined a moment in my life, a dream that I never let fade away. It’s that fateful night in April when I met Aziz. It’s running hand-in-hand through a thunderstorm. It’s making out passionately in the rain. It’s definitive moments. It’s the fork in the road where you realize the only possible choice is the one where you stay true to who you are. It’s Karl. It’s Christianity. It’s Michael Strader. It’s every guy I’ve ever loved, bottled up into one moment. It’s the climax, the eruption, and Nantes is the icing while I sit nicely as the cherry on top. Nantes, I do not know what you do to me, but what you bring out of me is everything I’ve known but haven’t been able to tap into – until now.

You are the wind beneath my wings.

“Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me.”



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