Get Your Life by Caught a Ghost

I’ve been in this depression//lull period for the past two months. I finally found a path for my future that I thought I could force myself to walk. I met a guy who was into all the same things as me and I was finally applying to a creative writing grad program. Things were always off with him no matter how much we had in common and finally shaky ground became too quaky and the earth crumbled beneath us. At the same time, I found out I hadn’t gotten into the writing program. Everything I’d once invested in for my future no longer fit. It’s broken down to me breaking down once a week and crying almost every day. So in honour of this healing process, I’m dedicating this post to my future. Memories where the past, present and future intermingle in the cosmos of space-time.

“Who we are we will always be…”

Socially awkward gawky pre-teen emerging into a strong, confident young woman, anxious dating style replaced by faith, respect, trust and love, directionless and floating soon becomes career driven: the arts and a book written,

“It’s time to make some brand new friends…”

Bite the hand that feeds you so you can move on with your life, everyone else has moved on it’s your turn now, it’s okay to let go, “I find that when everyone around me disappears, my vibration has changed and it’s me that has to let go and accept that new people and adventures will take their places,” release the negative dead weight, welcome in peaceful, loving, open-minded, hard-working, faithful people

“Go out and fly your flag…”

The book is written, the book is published, continued growth of paintings and photography, my confident loving nature attracts a man the same, we live in peace and harmony raising three kids, a university professor is my final destination,

“Get your life! Get your life! Get your life!”



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