Money Back Guarantee by Pigeon John

For some reason I woke up this morning and this song keeps playing on a loop. It’s like I’m humming it without making a sound, I don’t know where these song ideas come from sometimes, but whatever, enjoy the flow!

“Dude, I wanna get hurt…”

Solar invasion, the invention of #LibbyLife, various powders and other accolades, summer is summer with two half gallons of 1800, front futon loungin’, years of stoopin’, Bobby D’s still on the pavement thinkin’ about the government, and my mornings are spent on the front lawn, this posse is still on Broadway,

“Just tryin’ to meetcha…”

Mental melodies take afloat on the river of life,  face paint, written and spoken word, those watercolours grace our epidermal extremities, girls in tutus lost to the beat, rainbow light-up hoola-hoops spinning around a train of waistlines, poi fire staff spinning through space time in loops through it all, we welcome you to the brown town circus,

“That’s my guarantee!”

goodbye dance.JPG


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